Night Court: Abby Stone Just Became a Bit More Human

I still find myself a bit undecided about the fledgling Night Court reboot, which still is trying to fill the big shoes of the original. However, the show took a big step in that direction by showing us the human side of Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch) by revealing she is a recovering alcoholic.

Comedy series don't always need to be funny. In fact, the 80s/90s version of this series had more than its share of heartbreaking moments. Sometimes a little seriousness goes a long way toward making the characters a lot more believable and relatable. Stone's revelation about her problem and how it was a big part of the reason she wants to honor her dad by helping people was a perfect example.

I think the thing that impressed me most was how the reveal was done a lot more subtly than a lot of other series might have done it. She didn't make a big announcement or fall off the wagon. Instead, Dan Fielding's (John Larroquette) own history with a recovering spouse allowed him to see the signs and get her to talk about it in a very heartfelt and intimate way (which, in turn, told us a bit more about his life since the original went off the air). Heck, I even feel the need to applaud the decision to keep that part of her life a secret until the third episode because I think it had a lot more impact after getting a chance to know her first.

I am curious if the show will now attempt to do the same with some of the other characters who, as of right now, are funny but also don't have a whole lot of depth. If it does, this reboot might just manage to fill those shoes the original left behind.


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