Ninja Foodi Flip Toaster


My wife came across this product a few weeks ago and, since I was able to find it for a reasonable price, I decided to buy it as a family Christmas gift. 

We got quite a bit of use out of our toaster oven, but it took up quite a bit of counter space and my wife and I both agreed there were times when we wished we just had a plain toaster. This seemed like a good alternative and so far, at least, it seemed like a good decision.

While it doesn't hold as much as our other toaster oven, it does seem to be a lot more convenient. When we make things like toast, frozen waffles and bagels (which is the majority of what we make in a toaster oven), we can use this just like a regular toaster. The settings are easy to understand, and everything has turned out toasted perfectly. The one time we used it as an oven, for chicken nuggets, they came out perfectly baked without taking nearly as long as the other oven.

I also like the flip technology as a space-saving feature. When it's not in use, it can be stored upright and take up a lot less counter space. In fact, I am thinking about getting my mom one for her birthday because she's wanted a toaster oven, but counter space is one of her biggest concerns.

Final Opinion: Again, the oven doesn't hold as much as traditional toaster ovens, so this isn't going to be a good choice if you intend on using it for larger pizzas, etc., and I do hope Ninja will eventually make a larger one. However, for the reasons I mentioned above, it's definitely an item that is worth purchasing, especially if you have a limited amount of counter space.

 My Grade: A


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