My Thoughts - Young Sheldon: An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football (11/3/2022)

Synopsis: George (Lance Barber) is asked to help Wayne Wilkins (Doc Farrow) with the football team after Wilkins' wife cheats on him. Mandy (Emily Osment) starts to see Georgie (Montana Jordan) in a different light after he buys an "ugly" but baby-friendly car, and she learns about the secret business he runs with Connie (Annie Potts).

My Thoughts:

Who was this "best friend" Wayne was referring to? I honestly always thought his best friend was George, considering it always seemed to be George and Tom Peterson (Rex Linn) with him whenever he went out to the bar. Is it another teacher at the school? I kind of want to know.

I'm undecided about Mandy's change in attitude toward Georgie. It's not as though he hasn't been going out of his way to prove he's a good guy yet, suddenly, she seems to be falling in love with him because he bought a car and because he's running an illegal gambling operation. I'm now wondering if maybe she's a gold digger who is attracted to the fact he has money she didn't know about (though I'd be questioning why he still lives in his parents' garage).

That being said, Georgie once again proved how good of a brother he is. That new quirk involving Sheldon (Iain Armitage) being on "leak patrol" in his room during a rainstorm was admittedly kind of weird, especially since I feel like it needs some context (did his room leak before?). Georgie taking his turn on watch just to get Sheldon to eat was pretty awesome.

But where was Mary (Zoe Perry)? George was obviously coaching an out-of-town football game, but I saw no evidence of her being there with him (and don't really know why she would be). Was she at work? I always thought she worked during the day at the bowling alley. Was she having an affair?

It's great that George got his job back at the end, but does Tom even have that authority? He's not the guy who wanted to fire George in the first place, the boosters did. And I'm not convinced he's done anything to change the boosters' opinion of him. I think he should have held out a little longer and had a longer list of demands other than Wayne remained part of the team, including a guaranteed contract that paid him a severance if he got fired again. As it stands now, I'm not convinced this is as happy of an ending as it seems.

Final Opinion: It was an interesting episode that created a few additional questions regarding George's future and Mandy's motivations. At minimum, it has me wanting to see what happens next.

My Grade: A


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