Smithfield All Natural Pork Sausage Patties

I picked these up a couple days ago because I was looking for something I could keep in my office for breakfast that was both simple and filling. The fact the bag cost less than $6 was a plus as well.

After having these, I have to say they exceeded my expectations. Since the price did seem a little low compared to other brands, I was expecting a big drop off in terms of quality. However, I didn't notice any real difference between this pork sausage and a more expensive brand.

I also thought the sausage had a decent amount of seasoning in it. It had flavor without being overpowering or too spicy, something I'm not a big fan of first thing in the morning. And, as I had hoped, the sausage does fill me up. Two or three patties are more than enough to last me until lunch, meaning I can get about four breakfasts out of this bag for considerably less than buying breakfast sandwiches at the convenience store up the street from my office.

Final Opinion: I had lowered expectations about this brand but, after trying it, would recommend it both because of the price and the acceptable quality.

My Grade: A


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