Kwik Trip Breakfast Bowl


I saw this at a Kwik Trip over the weekend, while driving home from seeing my daughter at college. It looked interesting and was only $5.99 so I ended up picking one up this morning on my way to the office. After having it, I can honestly say I didn't hate it but am also not sure it was really worth my money.

The breakfast bowl does have some good things going for it. For one, it was filling. I had this bowl and didn't feel the need to have a banana (or some other fruit) with it.

I also thought the bowl had a decent taste to it. The eggs seemed fresher than the frozen breakfast bowls and the sausage was seasoned nicely, as well as the potatoes.

My main problem is, while I didn't hate it, I also wouldn't describe it as the best breakfast I've ever had. If anything, it was slightly better than the frozen breakfasts but, even then, it wasn't enough of a difference to justify the higher price (I can buy a frozen breakfast bowl for $2-$3 less). In other words, it was OK but not something to write home about either.

Final Opinion: In a pinch, it's an OK option (though more expensive than Kwik Trip's breakfast sandwiches). However, if given a choice between this and a frozen alternative, I'd probably choose the latter based solely on price because there wasn't enough overall quality to override that.

My Grade: C+


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