Pep's Drafthaus The Five Meat Mash Pizza


I've seen this particular brand of frozen pizzas at a couple different grocery stores but was reluctant to try it because the $7.99 price seemed a little too high for a frozen brand (I can buy plenty of others for a couple dollars less). However, I had a coupon for one and decided to try it at the discounted price yesterday evening. Overall, I have to say I was impressed.

A couple things really stood out for me when it came to this brand. One of the main ones was the generous number of toppings on the pizza. There was a lot more meat on this pizza than I would normally expect from a frozen brand, but it also had a lot of cheese as well. This made the pizza very filling.

I also liked the crust on this pizza. It wasn't overly thick, but I also wouldn't refer to this as a thin-crust pizza either. Basically, it was thin enough to get crispy on our pizza oven while being thick enough to keep the toppings from sliding off when we picked up a slice. That's a good combo in my book.

Final Opinion: I was very impressed with this brand and would consider buying both this variety and other varieties again, even at the normal, higher price.

My Grade: A


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