My Thoughts - Young Sheldon: Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo (9/29/2022)

Synopsis: With Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Connie (Annie Potts) in jail for trying to smuggle cigarettes across the Mexican border, George (Lance Barber) enlists help from Dale (Craig T. Nelson) to bail them out. Feeling she is being challenged, Mary (Zoe Perry) faces a crisis of faith that only grows when she tries to return to church.

My Thoughts:

With all the drama affecting the Cooper family, I think the person I still feel sorriest for is Mandy (Emily Osment). She's stuck between a rock and a hard place because she doesn't want to marry Georgie (and probably shouldn't) but I'm sure still feels horrible about the fallout created by her pregnancy. I'm sure her conversation with Missy (Raegan Revord) didn't help with that.

Despite the huge mistake he made, I feel like Georgie deserves a pat on the back. Yes, smuggling cigarettes was a horrible mistake but, as Connie even pointed out, he's at least trying to do the right thing by finding a way to help support Mandy financially. A lot of guys might have walked away, especially when she made it clear she has no interest in being in a relationship with him.

I'm also going to give a thumbs up for his dad. I've said this before, but this show does an awesome job portraying George in a positive light, especially considering how much he was trashed on The Big Bang Theory. A 16-hour round trip after needing to ask Dale for money couldn't have been easy for him. Yet, while it was clear he wasn't happy, he also didn't cross any lines by yelling at Georgie, disowning him, etc. It really makes me wonder why Sheldon (Iain Armitage) ends up with so much loathing toward his father as an adult.

I was going to include Dale in this praise until he started holding the bail money over Connie's head. The second he was so willing to essentially make her work it off with sex I lost any respect I was starting to gain for him. Their breakup was probably the best thing for her. It's clear he doesn't really miss her, just the sex.

Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) needs to grow a pair. He is his church's spiritual leader and should start acting like one. Instead of going to Mary and apologizing for how the congregation acted toward her and her family, he should have ripped them a new one and made it clear they weren't acting the way they were supposed to act.

Final Opinion: Thumbs up to the Cooper men, including Sheldon for sticking up for his family at church. Shame on the other males on this series but, overall, I thought it was a good episode.

My Grade: A


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