My Thoughts - Gilligan's Island: Mine Hero (1965)

Synopsis: Gilligan (Bob Denver) reels in a World War II mine and accidentally starts its timing mechanism. Due to the island's underground gasses, there is no safe place to hide from the impending explosion.

My Thoughts:

The Professor's (Russell Johnson) raft idea is a good one, so why do the castaways give up on it so quickly? It's not even as though they lose the raft in this episode. Gilligan brings it safely ashore at the end and all they'd have to do is figure out how to make an anchor.

Speaking of which does it need to be made out of metal? I kind of feel like there are a number of other ways they could make that anchor that would be just as effective and wouldn't require them to melt down all their personal belongings.

Of course, this is where that gold they found would come in handy. Yeah, the previous episodes aren't supposed to matter on a series that rarely sticks to established facts/storylines. However, there was more than enough gold to make an anchor and it's not like they sunk their life raft that far offshore. Nobody thought to look for it (or the life raft)?

I'm not going to pretend to know enough about science to know if a radio signal could override a magnet. I am, however, going to question why Gilligan and Mr. Howell (Jim Backus) couldn't just slip out of their metal jewelry. Gilligan's necklace looked like it could easily be slipped over his head and Mr. Howell's watch/bracelet probably have clasps.

How did Gilligan get that mine back in the water? The Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr.), Professor and Mr. Howell couldn't even move it a few inches without a great deal of difficulty, but Gilligan got it off the island by himself? That seems a bit fishy.

Why did the raft have a rudder? It was going to be an unmanned vessel, there was no need for a steering mechanism. That metal could have been used to make the anchor instead.

Final Opinion: It's a funny episode but, after re-watching it, I realized it's best not to overthink some of the logic/science used.

My Grade: B


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