Fetch Rewards


I don't normally talk about apps, mostly because I really don't use a whole lot of them on my phone. However, this is one I've had for a while now and figured it was worth taking the time to mention.

I've tried to use other shopping apps before, and the results were mixed. A lot of them promise big cash rewards, but they also require purchasing products that I wouldn't normally purchase and, sometimes, at stores I wouldn't normally shop at. That's one of the reasons why I like Fetch Rewards.

With this app, any purchase I make/receipt scanned earns me points. If I get gas in my car, I get 25 points. If I stop for a fountain drink on my way to the office, it's worth 25 points. It doesn't matter where I shop, what I purchase or what I spend.

The app does, however, have plenty of items that earn you bonus points. This includes things like Pepsi, Kleenex, McCain Potatoes and Meow Mix cat treats. Unlike many of the other apps I've used, a lot of these bonus items are things I would buy normally, and most can be purchased at the store of my choice.

Instead of cash, Fetch Points rewards are mostly in gift card form, but these rewards seem to be a lot easier to earn than with other apps too. I can get a $3 Amazon gift card, for example, for only 3500 points. Since I am feeding a family of four and seem to constantly be at the store as a result, I earn that about once per month. All I need to do is remember to ask for a receipt and scan it in.

If you do a lot of shopping and are looking for a way to get some sort of kickback without having to shop at specific stores or buy specific items, this is an app you should consider.


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