Movie Review: Acts of Violence (2018)

Synopsis: While attending her bachelorette party, Mia gets in an argument with two men who are part of a human trafficking ring, and they later abduct her. With the police seemingly unable to help, her fiancé, Roman, enlists help from his two older brothers, both veterans, and, as they search for her, gun down anyone who tries to stop them.

Who's in it? The movie stars Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Ashton Holmes, Shawn Ashmore, Sophia Bush and Melissa Bolona.

Review: Much like another movie I picked out several days ago, I ended up grabbing this movie at our local library because it had one of my wife's favorites, Sophia Bush. We watched it yesterday evening and, while it wasn't quite what I was expecting, it ended up being a decent film.

At least in my opinion, the movie seemed to be a throwback to the 1980s shoot-'em-up films. It was a relatively simple plot that made it easy to transition into multiple action scenes and kept the overall focus on those rather than bogging things down with unnecessary exposition or commentary.

I was a little disappointed by the fact Bruce Willis is listed as the star of the film, but his Detective James Avery ends up being much more of a supporting character as Roman (Holmes) and his brothers (Hauser and Ashmore) carry most of the load. However, even with that, it still ended up being an interesting and entertaining movie.

To be honest, I was more than a little intrigued by the three brothers, mostly because, at least in some ways, they seemed almost like criminals themselves. Two of them were always packing some sort of firearm and even had a variety of explosives. It made me wonder if maybe they were robbing banks or committing acts of terrorism on the side.

My only real complaint about the film is I wasn't crazy about the way it ended. Specifically, the ending starts with two of the brothers being led off in handcuffs only to have them living happily ever after a short while later with zero explanation how they got from point A to point B, especially since their only ally, Det. Avery, wasn't exactly in a position to help them at that point. If the writers weren't going to explain it, they probably should have just ended with their arrest and leave the rest to the viewer's imagination.

Final Opinion: It's a simple, violent, but entertaining movie. It's probably not for everyone, but we did enjoy watching it.

My Grade: B+


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