Movie Review: Trailer Park Shark (2017)

Synopsis: Determined to drive a community of squatters off his land, a developer has one of his henchmen blow up a levy. His plan goes better than expected when the flood waters include a large, electrified, shark. However, he has one problem, one of the residents witnessed and recorded his crime, meaning there can be no survivors.

Who's in it? The movie stars Lulu Jovovich, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Clint James, Tara Reid and Dennis Haskins.

Review: I've had this movie in my streaming library for a few months now but was somewhat hesitant to watch it because I didn't know if it would be a pleasant surprise or a total waste of my time. I finally decided to watch it last night with my wife and, 85 minutes later, it was safe to say this fell into the latter category.

The biggest problem with this movie, at least in my opinion, is it wasted what could have been a decent premise for a legitimate horror film by turning the movie into a comedy. While a comedy movie about sharks isn't necessarily a bad thing, it really didn't work this time around, mostly because the excessive redneck humor got old after about five minutes.

In comparison, had the film been more dramatic, the idea of a killer shark with the ability to also electrocute people could have been memorable, especially when combined with an evil developer (Haskins) who is willing to resort to murder to get his land back. Some character development also might have helped, since the movie really didn't tell me enough about any of the protagonists to make me really care about them.

I will say this about the movie, I thought Haskins was actually surprisingly decent in his antagonist role, to the point I kind of wish the film would have been centered around him rather than the people in the trailer park. And, despite only being featured for a few minutes, Tara Reid's Billie Jean character was admittedly funny. If nothing else, my wife and I did get a chuckle from her not-so-subtle Sharknado reference. Unfortunately, they just didn't get enough screen time to make an otherwise unwatchable film worth watching.

Final Opinion: Not all made-for-tv movies are bad, but this one is definitely one that is, and not just because of the weak special effects. I would not recommend this one.

My Grade: D


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