Movie Review: My Gal Sunday (2014)

Synopsis: Shortly after celebrating their first wedding anniversary, former secretary of state Henry Parker and his successful attorney wife, Sunday O'Brien-Parker, must dig into their past to figure out who kidnapped their parents and is now demanding the release of a notorious hitman as ransom.

Who's in it? The movie stars Rachel Blanchard, Cameron Mathison, Steve Bacic, Vincent Gale and Jack Wagner.

Review: My sleep was interrupted by a surprise visit from a bat in our house and, since we failed to chase it out the door (we still don't know where it is hiding), I wound up staying up, just in case it returned, and I needed to keep the cats away. I've had this Hallmark "thriller" in my movie library for a couple weeks and decided to watch it as a result. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I hoped.

On the surface, I feel like this movie could have had a lot of potential. The main plot is somewhat intriguing and, as I've said before, I do love a good mystery. Plus, I thought the chemistry between Henry (Mathison) and Sunday (Blanchard) made them believable as a married couple, one that was married long enough to no longer have the "new" feel to them but clearly still in love with each other.

The film's main problem was execution. It started out OK, introducing the characters in a way that let the viewer get to know them organically (I especially loved the big murder reveal at the beginning). However, it then got a bit lazy and started to bog things down with flashbacks and awkwardly written exposition.

As a result of that, their actual investigation seemed, for lack of a better word, abbreviated. They found important clues almost a little too easily, to the point it was hard to appreciate their investigative skills simply because it almost seemed like things were being handed to them. I mean, at one point, one of the clues was literally laid out on the floor for them to find. I'm surprised the kidnapper didn't have a giant sign pointing to where their parents were being held.

Even when the movie attempts to build suspense, such as when Sunday is taken captive and strapped to a bomb, the slow pace and conveniences keep it from having the impact it was supposed to have. It was almost as though he wanted her to escape. That's not much of a "thriller" in my book.

Final Opinion: As I said, the plot had potential, but that bat in our house was a lot more exciting. It definitely wasn't one of my favorites.

My Grade: C-


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