Movie Review: Kill For Me (2013)

Synopsis: After her best friend and roommate, Natalie, goes missing and is presumed dead, Amanda reluctantly agrees to let Hayley move into Natalie's old room. When Amanda's violent ex-boyfriend shows up with a gun, Hayley kills him in self defense then, after hiding his body, tries to force Amanda to repay her by killing Hayley's alcoholic father.

Who's it it? The movie stars Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Donal Logue, Adam DiMarco and Leah Gibson.

Review: My wife came across this movie while at the library a couple days ago and checked it out solely because she was familiar with the two stars. We watched the film last night and both agreed it was a disappointment.

The movie, at least from my point of view, is basically a ripoff of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Strangers on a Train, minus the train and with more lesbian sex. Even if I hadn't seen the much better version of this story, I am certain I would have disliked this film.

One of the biggest problems with this film is it is just too predictable. The second Hayley (Spiridakos) was introduced, I was able to guess she would turn out to be a psychopath and figured either she or her father (Logue) had something to do with Natalie's (Gibson) disappearance. There were just no surprises as a result.

I also thought the filmmakers didn't think some of the situations through. For example, the ex-boyfriend's (Torrance Coombs) death was clearly self defense, giving Amanda (Cassidy) no reason to agree to hide the body. Then, later in the movie, Hayley abducts Amanda's friend, Mark (DiMarco) but the movie doesn't properly explain why Mark wouldn't report that to the police when he was released.

I will admit, the film's ending did prove to be a little suspenseful and entertaining, especially with Amanda getting caught in the middle of a shootout between Hayley and her dad. Unfortunately, by that point, it just wasn't enough for me to change my mind about the overall film.

Final Opinion: As I said, the ending was good but not much else. Watch Strangers on a Train instead.

My Grade: D-


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