Spice Time Taco Seasoning


My wife and I decided to have tacos for Cinco de Mayo and, since we needed ingredients, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home. Since everything else was more expensive than planned, I looked for any savings I could get and wound up picking out this brand of seasoning because it was 50 cents per pack instead of 75 cents. Overall, it ended up being a good choice.

One of my biggest concerns about this brand was taste. I've purchased other discount seasonings before, and they were either very salty or flavorless. That was not the case with this brand.

Instead, it had a fairly decent kick to it - a hint of spiciness without being too spicy. Even my kids, who aren't normally into spicy foods, loved it and both came back for seconds (I think my oldest might have even made a third trip).

Final Opinion: This was a lower-cost item that turned out to have just as much flavor as the more expensive brands. I'd recommend looking for this one the next time you make tacos. I, for one, would purchase this again.

My Grade: A


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