My Thoughts - Young Sheldon: White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People (5/12/2022)

Synopsis: Tensions run high for the Coopers as a Sunday school altercation involving Missy (Raegan Revord) results in Mary (Zoe Perry) losing her job and the family being ostracized by their church. When Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd) shows up to check on Mary, George (Lance Barber) suspects a possible affair.

My Thoughts

Considering how opposed that church seemed to be in an earlier episode about talking to kids about sex, I am a little surprised the parents would even bother to explain the whole pregnant out of wedlock thing to them. I would think that conversation would be a bit too "sinful" for most of those parents to have it.

I have to admit, I am surprised by Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby). He sure turned judgmental in a hurry considering all the times the Coopers helped him with his own child. To be fair, he might be afraid to support the Coopers out of fear of losing his job too but, until I hear him make that explanation, he has lost all my respect.

I still don't trust Pastor Rob. OK, George was a bit too hard on Mary about the whole thing, considering just how vulnerable she is right now. However, there is part of me that thinks Pastor Rob is trying to take advantage of that vulnerability. At minimum, I think it would be good for George to have a long conversation with him, though I'm sure that won't happen, and this will likely be the catalyst for George having an affair.

That being said, I did like how Pastor Rob made Mary realize she wasn't any different from the people who were judging her family. Her own admission she would be acting the same way if it were another family in their shoes was very telling. Though, you would think that admission alone would have her re-thinking her religious views.

The episode focuses on Mary, but I still think the person we should be concerned about is Missy. She is way too young to be the person trying to hold the family together and I could just see her emotional torment in her face.

The episode does a good job of showing Georgie (Montana Jordan) in a much more mature light. His conversation with Missy about her violent outburst was surprisingly good. He admonished her, but not in a way that made it seem like he was angry with her, just concerned about her. It's now easier to see how he ends up being the one taking care of the family when George dies.

I was a little disappointed by the doctor visit subplot. I like that Mandy (Emily Osment) is slowly starting to accept the fact Georgie isn't going to go away and her allowing him to be at the doctor's office with him was a good sign. It would have just been nice to learn a little something about her pregnancy. Is the baby healthy? The episode sort of skips that part.

This show sure is full of judgmental people when it comes to bringing new life into the world. Mandy's parents disowning her was honestly a bit of a surprise. I mean, SHE isn't a teenager, she's almost 30. You would think her parents would be thrilled about a grandchild at this point, even if she isn't married, especially since she's given no indication they are as religious as the Coopers. I could probably have understood this if she would have mentioned Georgie's age, but with the information they have, it seems like an overreaction.

Final Opinion: To be honest, this was kind of a depressing episode because you can see the Coopers' loving family being ripped apart and the one person who at least seems like he is trying to help is just making things worse. It does have me wondering what will happen next though.

My Grade: A


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