My Thoughts - Young Sheldon: A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future (5/19/2022)

Synopsis: When Sheldon (Iain Armitage) gets a pimple, signaling the start of puberty, he begins to worry about the future. George (Lance Barber) loses his job as football coach and, along with Mary (Zoe Perry), discovers finding a new job isn't as easy as it sounds. Georgie (Montana Jordan) comes up with a new business venture to help pay for the baby, but he and Connie (Annie Potts) end up imprisoned on the Mexican border.

My Thoughts:

I think Sheldon's fears about the future had little to do with his pimple. Sure, it factored in a bit and that part of the story was helped tremendously by Penn & Teller. I just think his fear had a lot more to do with the adults around him. Let's face it, the only nurturing presence he has at this point is Missy (Raegan Revord), who is also being forced to be more adult-like at a very young age.

On that subject, I loved the heart-to-heart conversation between the twins. Once again, this show makes me baffled by the way Sheldon treats and describes his sister on The Big Bang Theory. Missy came to his rescue in the middle of the night and gave him some sound advice about focusing on the things he is looking forward to rather than the bad things that come with growing up. I wonder if there is something in particular that ultimately causes him to think less of her.

I like George overall but think his pride was an issue in this episode. Yes, he's embarrassed and doesn't want to compound it by getting a "demeaning" job. However, the same could be said for Mary and she was trying to step up for the sake of the family. I am also including his decision to quit on the spot rather than collecting a few more paychecks (and, later, unemployment) while trying to figure things out.

Is George already having an affair? There was some obvious sexual tension between him and Brenda (Melissa Peterman), but I was under the impression that was as far as it went until this episode. The way both her and George seemed worried about Mary taking a job at the bowling alley makes me wonder if they've been secretly seeing each other after all.

Is selling cigarettes really any better than selling alcohol? I get Connie not wanting to get in trouble for selling beer without a license but selling cigarettes you bought in Mexico also seems like something that could get her in just as much trouble. I wonder if that's why they wound up in jail or if something else happened.

Final Opinion: As a season finale, the episode truthfully seemed to be lacking something. However, overall, it still was entertaining to watch, especially with a good mix of comedy (mostly from Penn & Teller) and drama. At minimum, I can't wait until next season.

My Grade: B


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