My Thoughts - The Andy Griffith Show: Bargain Day (1964)

Synopsis: Always on the lookout for a good bargain, Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) can't pass up an opportunity to purchase 150 pounds of beef from a discount butcher. Unfortunately for her, the meat turns out to be tough and their freezer, which she purchased at an auction, starts to malfunction.

My Thoughts - 

Andy (Andy Griffith) sure gave Bee a hard time about saving money. OK, maybe the meat purchase and the freezer purchase turned out to be bad ideas but what was wrong about her buying sugar in bulk? He's trying to feed three mouths on one income and, since we all know he's honest, he's probably not making enough where they can just throw money away. 

Plus, it's not like he doesn't try to save money. He won't even buy his own car; he just takes the sheriff's car everywhere. And he seemed awfully shocked about having roast beef when they didn't have company over.

Of course, both of those things being said, when is the last time Andy even shopped for groceries? Bee seems to do most, if not all, of it. He might not even know what a pound of meat or bag of sugar costs.

I can honestly say I couldn't do what Aunt Bee did. I like a good deal too but am very picky about whre buy meat and am a bit surprised Bee was so willing to buy it from someone other than a long-time friend like Mr. Foley (Frank Ferguson). You would think she would at least hesitate just a little bit or start by buying one pound so she could test the quality.

Andy didn't hear that freezer? That seems unlikely given it was on the back porch, just on the other side of the kitchen wall. As loud as that was, I would at least think he would have heard it when he was standing outside the house.

Plus, who puts electronic devices on a back porch? It does rain in Mayberry, right? It seems like it would be a better idea to find some room inside the house, especially after buying a new freezer.

Speaking of which, maybe I was wrong about Andy being an honest sheriff. He sure was able to buy an expensive new appliance without batting an eye. Or maybe he was spending all that money Bee has saved him over the years that he didn't seem to think she needed to save.

Final Opinion: It's an interesting episode, especially the way Bee goes out of her way to avoid "calling the man" from Mt. Pilot. I think it's one of the episodes that is worth watching.

My Grade: A


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