I Received an Award Yesterday


After spending 4 years on the Beaver Dam Swan City Ice Skaters Board of Directors (two of them as vice president), I allowed my term to run out so another person could take my place. My last day on the board was yesterday and, as that meeting/banquet came to a close, I was presented with the President Award in recognition of my volunteer efforts.

I'm honestly still a bit undecided about no longer being on the board. The time was right (my daughter is graduating and will no longer be skating with the club) but I'm a person who thrives on routine and not being part of the board is a major change to that routine that I'll have to get used to. Plus, after helping navigate the club through a pandemic and leaving it in great financial shape, there is part of me that is apprehensive about letting someone new take the reins. I'm sure, after time, I'll get over it though, especially if I find a hobby or part-time job to take up some of my newly acquired free time.


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