I Published a New Book


It's a graduation gift for my daughter, both the book itself and any proceeds from selling the book (to help her with tuition and any other college expenses). It contains more than 100 pieces of wisdom and observations.

The Kindle version of the book was published today and can be purchased here. There will also be a paperback version of the book available via Amazon in the next couple of days and, eventually, other retailers.

It is my 13th book. My other books are also still available for sale:

Angels Don't Always Have Wings

Mike and the Really Hard Homework Question

A Messy House is a Home

Love Poems for My Wife

Does God Cry?

The Smallest Voice in the Congregation

The Lonely, Shallow Grave

A Picture for My Mommy

Murder By Chili

Journey to the Bubble Gum Planet

The Icky, Sticky Mess on the Floor

Rose Rabbit's Shopping Adventure


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