An End of a 10+ Year Commitment Happens This Weekend


My oldest daughter started ice skating a little over 10 years ago and, this weekend, will be participating in her final ice show.

It's been a long journey. She started out skating because of a free lesson, eventually started competing as a soloist and is now a junior coach with hopes of continuing to coach when she goes to college next fall.

There have been ups and downs with this. She suffered two concussions and likely developed her asthma because of spending so much time in ice rinks. She also lost a few months (and one ice show) thanks to COVID and, for a while, had to learn how to skate while wearing a mask (which, ironically, helped her asthma). However, overall, I think it was an activity/sport that helped shape the person she has become and, while it's not the most affordable sport out there, it is one I would recommend to other parents.


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