Movie Review: Voodoo Woman (1957)

Synopsis: Deep in the jungle, a scientist experiments with a combination of biochemicals and voodoo in an effort to create a superhuman being that will mother a perfect, unkillable, race that he will control. When a treasure-hunting group stumbles upon the village, the scientist thinks the group's ruthless female leader would be the perfect subject for his experiment.

Who's in it? The movie stars Marla English, Tom Conway, Mike Connors, Lance Fuller and Mary Ellen Kay.

Review: Whenever I have heard someone talking about this movie, it is usually in reference to it being "the worst movie ever made." I was intrigued by this so, when I had an opportunity to finally watch it, I gave it a try.

The description of it being the worst movie ever is far from accurate, I have definitely seen worse. However, I will admit, it was pretty bad.

To tell you the truth, the overall concept actually isn't a terrible one. In fact, it's actually kind of hard to go wrong with a film that features a mad scientist (Conway). The fact there were actually two antagonists, thanks to the equally evil Marilyn (English) had the potential to make it even better. As is often the case, the main problem with this film was execution.

I think one thing that would have seriously helped this movie is an explanation about why he wanted to create a super race. Was he planning on taking over the world? Or was this just some weird "I want to prove I can do it" thing? Instead, the movie chose to just keep his motives very vague, and that includes why he deemed it necessary to keep his wife (Kay) a prisoner (rather than just killing her or using her in his experiment) when they obviously hated each other.

Another thing not helping this movie is it takes quite a bit of time for anything truly interesting to happen. There's a lot of talk and an unnecessary fist fight scene but not a whole lot of voodoo in comparison. In fact, about 45 minutes into the movie, I was starting to wonder if maybe this was just part 1 and there was supposed to be a sequel since the treasure hunters were still camping in the jungle and hadn't even met the scientist yet.

Final Opinion: While not quite as bad as it was described to me, the movie's poor execution wastes what could have been a decent plot. It's just not worth taking the time to watch it as a result.

My Grade: F


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