Movie Review: The Colony (2021)

Synopsis: When the Earth's environment is damaged to the point the planet is deemed no longer inhabitable, the world's elite use their resources to leave the planet and flee to another world, Kepler-209. Two generations later, the Kepler colonists have been rendered infertile from the hostile planet's radiation and send an expedition back to Earth to determine if it is habitable again. When that mission fails a second ship is sent and the lone survivor of that mission discovers the horrible truth.

Who's in it? The movie stars Nora Arnezeder, Iain Glen, Sarah-Sofie Boussnia, Sope Dirisu and Sebastian Roche.

Review: I had heard of this movie but, thinking it sounded a bit too much like the television series The 100 (a show I quickly lost interest in), I was unsure about whether I wanted to watch it or not. I came across a copy at the library yesterday and, since it was free, decided to give it a try last night. My opinion of it was a bit mixed.

I'll start out by saying I thought the overall plot was surprisingly good albeit a little predictable. I liked how the movie had a bit of a mystery about the Keplers' real plans for the planet and, more importantly, the surviving residents. In particular, the way they were "civilizing" some of the "Muds," but only the ones that were female.

The movie also had a couple decent action scenes in it as well, especially when Blake (Arnezeder) finds out the truth and tries to put a stop to it, despite the fact it goes against everything she was ever taught. This led to an ending that both provided some closure but still set up an opportunity for a sequel if desired. 

My one complaint about the movie is it does have a very slow pace to it, to the point I was finding myself getting a bit bored at times. Basically, the movie is 1 hours and 44 minutes in length but, with a bit more editing, could have been closer to the 90 minute mark without losing anything of importance to the plot. Frankly, the slower pace actually made the movie seem longer than it was.

Final Opinion: The film exceeded my expectations. However, the slower pace did take something away from what was other wise a good movie.

My Grade: B


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