Thoughts From the Gilligan's Island Episode Meet the Meteor (1966)

Synopsis: A meteorite crashes onto the island and, when its cosmic rays cause everything around it to age at a rapid pace, the castaways must find a way to destroy it before it kills them. Their only chance is an approaching electrical storm and even that requires striking the meteorite with lightning.

My Thoughts:

What happened to the island's underground gases? When a World War II mine landed on the island, the Professor (Russell Johnson) insisted the mine would set off a chain reaction if it exploded because of the gas chambers. Yet that meteorite had a much larger explosion when it hit, and nothing happened.

Wow, the Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr) sure didn't know a whole lot about meteorites. In addition to referring to it as a meteor rather than the proper term, he insisted it was part of a star. I'll chalk part of it up to this show being on the air when space travel was still relatively new but am still a bit disappointed the Professor didn't at least attempt to correct some of the inaccuracies.

I feel like they should have gotten older a lot quicker than they did. That tree grew very tall and very thick in a matter of minutes and trees tend to live a lot longer than humans do. Even if you account for the tree being next to the meteorite and the castaways having a bit more distance, it still seemed a little inconsistent.

Also, shouldn't they have stayed older? The Professor gave everyone a week and the castaways were exposed for approximately one day. Assuming they aged by several years in that time, it's not like destroying the meteorite is going to reverse that damage.

Was destroying the meteorite really their only option? For one, it didn't look like it was all that heavy and, even if they couldn't pick it up, I feel like they could have rolled it. Why not put it on a raft or something and get it off the island? Moving to the other side of the island and getting as far away from it as possible also seemed like a plausible survival option, even if all it did was slow down the aging process enough to figure out a permanent solution. I, personally, would have tried to cover the meteorite in lead to see if it at least helped contain the problem.

Final Opinion: It's an OK episode with a somewhat memorable dream sequence but I do feel the main plot hasn't aged very well.

My Grade: C


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