Movie Review: Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

Synopsis: A group of technology-addicted teenagers are sent to a technology-free camp and go on a three-day hike in the woods. Miles away from civilization and without their cellphones, the group finds themselves in danger from a pair of mutated cannibals.

Who's in it? The movie stars Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, Michal LupaWiktoria GasiewskaStanislaw Cywka and Michal Zbroja.

Review: My wife and I were having a hard time deciding on a movie last night and I wound up selecting this one almost at random as a result. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the movie but it ended up being an OK choice.

One thing I found I really liked about this movie was the setting. The campers were isolated from any help and, since they were supposed to be technology depraved, didn't even have a way to call for help. Since their overall survivor skills were questionable to begin with, it did make their situation seem somewhat hopeless. 

I am also going to admit, the movie did manage to surprise me on occasion. One of the deaths was completely unexpected, both the victim and the timing, and the movie managed to not be as predictable as many other movies from this genre.

I did feel the movie's victims were a bit on the dumb side, however, especially when they found someplace safe to hide but decided to inexplicably put themselves in danger and didn't even bother taking some weapons with them. In fact, you could chalk up at least a couple deaths to illogical decisions.

I think the movie also would have been slightly better had it been told more from the killer twins' (Zbroja) perspective, mostly because their story, being mutated by a meteorite, honestly seemed so much more interesting than the victims' backstories. The movie was OK regardless but also wasn't quite as memorable as it could have been.

Final Opinion: Truthfully, there's not a whole lot that sets this apart from dozens of other movies. However, it was still a halfway decent horror film that was worth watching. It might not be overly memorable but it was entertaining.

My Grade: C+


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