Movie Review: Feeding Grounds (2006)

Synopsis: Four couples on their way to a cabin take a break in the middle of the desert. When they come across a human ear, they decide to leave so they can alert the authorities but quickly discover it is already too late.

Review: Our internet went out yesterday afternoon and, since we didn't have access to YouTube TV, Netflix, etc. as a result of that, my wife and I wound up looking for a DVD to watch. This one happened to be on the shelf, still in its original plastic wrapping, so we gave it a try. After watching it, I think we would have been better off watching the paint peel.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, I would recommend taking the time to watch this movie so you can learn what NOT to do when it comes to making a horror movie. This film is about as textbook as it gets when it comes to that.

First of all, this has to be one of the dullest movies I have ever watched. Practically nothing happens on screen except for the various characters doing drugs, talking, arguing or vomiting. As much as I hate gratuitous sex scenes, I was beginning to wish this movie had a couple of them just to break up the monotony. 

In fact, the only reason I made it to the end of this 90-minute movie (which seemed so much longer) was I was hoping maybe the ending would make up for it. I can't even begin to describe just how disappointed I was when it didn't.

Also not helping this movie where the victims. I've said this in the past, horror movies are much scarier if you actually care if at least one of the victims lives or dies. There were none in this film that met that decription. Not only was there nothing even remotely likable about any of the characters in this movie, the film didn't even bother to give them any sort of individualized traits, other than one being a vegan and one carrying a camera. I didn't care if they died or even what their names were, not that I could tell most of them apart anyway.

Final Opinion: Simply put, I had about as much fun watching this movie as I did removing the plastic wrap from the DVD case. Sadly, that's not an exaggeration. 

My Grade: F


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