Tina's Cantina Handcrafted Breakfast Burrito


I had to run to Wal-mart this morning before heading into the office. While there, I was debating making a stop at McDonald's to pick up a couple breakfast burritos when I came across this product in their freezer section. Since the Tina's Cantina burritos were just $1 each, I decided to give them a try.

I'll start out by saying I did like the convenience of this product. All I had to do was wrap the burritos in a papertowel and microwave both of them for about 2 1/2 minutes. They came out of the microwave perfect, not too hot or overcooked and not frozen on the inside.

Taste-wise, I thought this was an OK product. The burrito filling definitely didn't look anything like it does on the packaging and I didn't notice much breakfast sausage or cheese but I also didn't hate the flavor. It wasn't as good as the ones I could have purchased at McDonald's or even Kwik Trip but, for the $1 price, I was OK with them.

The burritos did prove to be reasonably filling as well. I wasn't still hungry after eating the pair of them and was able to hold off for a couple hours before having a banana for a snack. Again, I don't think it was as filling as breakfast burritos I could have gotten elsewhere but was more than expected for what I spent on them.

Final Opinion: If you are looking for something cheap and easy to make for breakfast, this is an option I would recommend. They aren't as good as fast food or even convenience store breakfast burritos but are a reasonable choice in a pinch.

My Grade: B


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