Movie Review: Critters Attack! (2019)

Synopsis: After being rejected by her dream college a second time, Drea reluctantly agrees to babysit for a member of the college admissions board. A couple hours later, she is protecting the two kids and her brother from an army of man-eating aliens.

Who's in it? The movie stars Tashiana Washington, Ava Preston, Jack Fulton, Jaeden Noel and Dee Wallace.

Review: I came across this movie a few days ago and decided to add it to my library, partly because I remember enjoying the original Critters. My wife and I ended up watching it yesterday evening and, overall, I thought it was an OK movie.

I am going to start off by saying, if you have not watched any of the previous films from this series, you will want to before watching this one. Sometimes you can get away with watching an installment and still have a basic understanding of what is going on but, in this case, I think you will feel lost. I was even confused on occasion despite seeing most of the films from the franchise.

As far as the movie itself goes, I thought it was entertaining. The film seemed to lean a bit more toward comedy than terror, which was a little disappointing, but still managed to have enough action and suspense to keep me hooked, especially since it seemed like the aliens were around every corner and escape was somewhat hopeless.

I also thought the film did a decent job using Dee Wallace. The writers did a good job balancing things so she got a bit more than a brief cameo and was able to have some impact on the script but, at the same time, didn't make her the primary focus and allowed new characters to get their moment in the spotlight. A lot of films don't do that.

My only real complaint about the movie, other than the kids seeming way too old to have a babysitter, was the ending. It was a bit anticlimatic, with the bad guys being too easy to kill and no attempt to show the aftermath. The movie didn't need to dwell too much on details but, given all the deaths, including to loved ones, it would have been nice to have at least a little closure.

Final Opinion: As I said, it was an OK movie. It wasn't as good as the original film but was entertaining and I didn't regret watching it.

My Grade: B


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