Jimmy Dean French Toast Casserole Bites


I had to stop by the grocery store this morning to pick up cat food and, while there, wound up in the frozen food section. 

I hadn't planned on buying anything breakfast related. However, after some debate (mostly over the $6.69 price tag), I decided to give this product a try. 

One of the things I found I liked about this product was the uniqueness. The French toast outer crust seemed to complement the eggs and sausage stuffing and, at minimum, gave it a halfway decent flavor (though I did think the eggs came out a little bit rubbery).

Another plus about this product is the convenience. All I had to do was pop five of them in the microwave for about a minute and they were ready to eat. I ended up eating mine with a fork but, if I needed something I could pick up and eat while rushing out the door, I do think they are solid enough to allow that to happen without the risk of them falling apart.

I do think these would fall more in the "light breakfast" category, at least if you are going to eat the suggested serving of 5 pieces. I personally felt the need to have some fruit as well to make sure I was full enough to last me until lunch. Still, given the size of the casserole bites, I thought they exceeded my expectations when it came to this category.

Final Opinion: I'm not sure I would buy these again at the same price but, if I were to find them on sale, I would definitely consider getting a bag or two for my freezer so I have something easy to prepare on busy mornings.

My Grade: A


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