Three Childhood Videogame Obsessions That Should Be Made Into Movies

Video games have inspired multiple Hollywood blockbuster films, whether it is a single film like Sonic the Hedgehog or a film franchise like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Heck, even board games like Battleship were a film inspiration.

With that in mind, I would like to share three videogames from my childhood I believe would make excellent movies.

Image by Mizter_X94 from Pixabay 

Mutant League Football

My Movie Premise - After being banned from the National Football League for gambling, a talented but disgraced coach gets a second chance with a start-up league featuring teams made up of mutants and monsters playing on fields full of landmines and other deadly traps.

Desperate for redemption, he agrees to coach the Ice Bay Bashers, the worst team in the league. A week later, he notices the fine print in his contract - if his team doesn't win the league championship, his players are allowed to eat him.\


My Movie Premise - After King Hippo kills his brother in a boxing match, a young fighter vows to get his revenge in the ring. However, before he can do so, he must climb up the boxing ranks by defeating King Hippo's various henchmen.

As an added twist, the movie could let Mike Tyson have a cameo appearance as one of the henchmen.

Oregon Trail

My Movie Premise - Two families, one belonging to a wealthy banker and the other a poor farm family, decide to head west. Along the way, they become separated from the rest of the wagon train and need to work together to survive the trail's many dangers.

About midway through the movie, they will be faced with tragedy as one (or many) of their group die from dysentery.


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