Movie Review: The Atomic Submarine (1959)

Synopsis: A specially-modified naval submarine is sent to the North Pole to investigate a series of ship disappearances. They ultimately discover a flying saucer.

Who's in it? The movie stars Arthur Franz, Tom Conway, Brett Halsey, Dick Foran and Paul Dubov.

Review: I ended up picking out this movie to watch early this morning mostly becaue it had a shorter runtime but also because I enjoyed the last submarine movie I watched. Unfortunately, while this sounded good in the description, I wasn't as big of a fan of this film as I thought I would be.

My biggest problem with this movie was there was an awful lot of talking for a film that sounded like it would have a lot of action. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if they would ever do anything exciting at all. It didn't help that the movie, at times, seemed like it was more of a military propaganda film than anything else, especially when the ship's commander (Franz) was arguing with a pacifist scientist (Halsey). The ending, frankly, didn't do much to disprove this.

Also not helping the movie was the predictability. There wasn't anything in this film I hadn't seen before and I had no problem figuring out how they would (easily) defeat the alien threat. I'll try not to give away too many spoilers but the final battle was a bit like an over-hyped prize fight that ends after one punch.

All of this was especially disappointing given the fact the one-eyed alien (voiced by John Hilliard) was actually kind of cool looking. It was a science fiction villain that never got a chance to shine because of an otherwise weak film.

Final Opinion: The alien was the best part of this movie and, unfortunately, it wasn't given enough screen time to make the overall film worth watching.

My Grade: D


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