Hillshire Farm Turkey Smoked Sausage

This wasn't my original plan for dinner last night. However, the store happened to have this product on sale ($2.99) and, out of curiosity, I ended up buying it.

I have had other turkey products before and my opinion has always been a bit mixed. Some are OK but plenty of others just don't taste quite the same, either because of the turkey meat itself or because of over compensating by adding too much salt and other seasonings. As a result, I did wind up covering my basis by also purchasing a kielbasa to make with this. After trying it, I will say I was much more impressed than expected.

I had both some of this particular product and the regular kielbasa (both from Hillshire Farm) and have to admit, if I didn't know this was made from turkey, I probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between the two. This sausage had a good flavor to it that wasn't overseasoned and I found I enjoyed every bite. In fact, even my picky children probably would have enjoyed this had they tried it (they didn't know it was turkey but wound up picking the regular kielbasa mostly by accident.

It's something that I would definitely consider purchasing again.


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