Gluten Free Oreos

I had to swing by the grocery store for catfood last night and, while I was waiting for the checkout line to get a bit shorter, walked through the gluten-free section. I saw this product for $3.99 and decided to buy it.

Ever since my wife discovered her wheat allergy, I've purchased various other products like this. Most of them have been soley for her because I haven't been a huge fan of the gluten free alternatives. However, I did decide to give these a try and was somewhat impressed.

There are two kinds of gluten free foods out there, those that you can't tell are gluten free and those that have an obvious difference (like pasta). This one wound up being in the former category. Had I not been the one who purchased these, I probably would not have known they weren't real Oreos. In fact, if you were to mix these in a bowl with the regular sandwich cookies, it would likely be difficult to tell them apart.

My wife definitely enjoyed the purchase. Oreos are her favorite cookies, to the point she has been willing to eat them even if they ultimately upset her stomach. The fact she can now have them without making that sacrifice is a bonus for her. As a result, I'm sure this will become a regular purchase f 


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