Birds Eye Three Cheese Ziti


While at the store yesterday morning, I decided to find something for dinner since I was already in the freezer section. This item caught my eye and I decided to pick it up.

Ever since my wife discovered she and wheat products don't get along, one of our challenges is finding wheat-free alternatives (or alternatives that at least have less wheat) that, at minimum, the two of us enjoy (I gave up trying to find ideas that include the kids too). This has been much more of a challenge than expected, both because I'm not crazy about the taste of most items and the cost is usually a lot higher.

There were two things that attracted me to this particular product. The first was the pasta was made from vegetables and the second was the price (around $6.50) was comparable to other frozen dinners of that size. The fact I could make it in the microwave was an added bonus (I always love convenience).

Overall, I thought this was an OK product for the price. The pasta was surprisingly good, had I not seen the box, I probably wouldn't have known they were made using zucchini. The sauce also had a decent flavor, with a good blend of spices.

My only real complaint about this product was, contrary to the picture on the box, there really wasn't much cheese in this three cheese ziti. That was, admittedly, a little disappointing and, had I known that was going to be the case, I would have purchased a bag of shredded cheese to add to it.

Despite that, I think this is a product I would consider purchasing again and do recommend taking the time to try. Just make sure to pick up some extra cheese.


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