Birds Eye Crispy Carrots

I had to stop at the grocery store yesterday afternoon anyway and decided to find something for dinner while I was there. As I was walking through the freezer section, this product happened to catch my eye and, figuring it would make a different side dish, I picked up a bag ($3.90). Overall, I was happy with this purchase.

I ended up making these in my toaster oven and they came out better than expected. Even though the bag referred to them as "crispy" carrots, I figured they would come out a bit on the soft side (as usually happens). Instead, they really did have a crisp texture to them.

I thought the product also had a unique flavor. The breading complemented the carrot slices without drowning out the carrot flavor. It worked both as a side dish and my wife and I also thought they would also be a decent snack item as well (she especially liked hers with a side of ranch dressing).

The only real negative is the product didn't take the next step by having a gluten free breading. This isn't a huge deal but, because they weren't gluten free, my wife did have to limit how many she ate. Hopefully the company will take this into consideration down the road but, despite that, I would recommend trying them.


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