Vern's Smoked String Cheese Review


This was another one of my purchases when I stopped at the grocery store last night. I was in the mood for some string cheese as a work snack and, since I didn't want to raid my wife's supply, figured I would try this brand.

I did have some concerns about this product when I purchased it ($5.99), mostly in regards to how salty it was. I have had other string cheeses that were way too salty for me and didn't know if this particular brand would fall into that category or not. As it turns out, however, it was a decent purchase.

Yes, the cheese does have a bit of a salty flavor to it, as I think I would normally expect to be the case. However, unlike the other brands I've tried, it wasn't anything that was overpowering. In other words, I could taste the salt, but I could also still taste the cheese flavor.

In fact, as far as string cheese goes, I thought this was a good product overall. The sticks are larger than some other brands, making them a more-filling snack, and I thought they tasted fresher as well. I also thought this brand peeled easily, something, believe it or not, isn't always the case with string cheese.

I don't know if I would consider it my favorite brand of string cheese, but I did enjoy it enough to consider purchasing it again.


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