I Was Disappointed With the Supernatural Series Finale Last Night

I gave myself a little bit of time to reflect on it. After all, any finale of a favorite series is going to bring mixed emotions. Now that I've done that, my opinion is still the same, the finale was a big let down.

I'm not saying there weren't likable moments. Dean (Jensen Ackles) discovering that pie festival, for example, was pretty funny. And, I'm willing to admit, Dean's surprise goodbye did have a bit of an ironic/artistic quality to it.

The problem is, I just feel like this episode wasn't needed. Last week's penultimate ended as perfectly as you could end a series, Sam and Dean saved the world and rode off into the sunset in full control of their destiny. Why ruin that by showing us their destiny? I would have much rather have had the series leave that up in the air so we could go on debating what happened to them and maybe, some day, see a made-for-TV reunion movie that answered some of the unanswered questions.

My other big issue with this episode had to be the way it glossed over Sam's (Jared Padalecki) life post Dean. Hey, I'm as glad as the next fan to see he was able to be in a normal relationship and even name a son after his brother. But where the heck did all that come from? One moment he says he is going to help on a case and the next he is married with a kid. I think the show spent more time on Dean's death scene than Sam's entire life. Dean got a story. Sam got a montage. Well, that and a ton of commercials for Padalecki's new TV series.

I was wondering how the show was going to top last week's episode. Sadly, it didn't. I think I am just going to pretend this finale doesn't exist.


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