Movie Review: The Lost Husband (2020)

Synopsis: Still in mourning, Libby,  a widowed mother of two, moves to her aunt's goat farm hoping for a fresh start. At her aunt's insistence, she reluctantly begins to run the farm with the help of her aunt's divorced farm manager, James O'Connor.

Who's in it? The movie stars Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel, Nora Dunn, Isiah Whitlock, Jr. and Sharon Lawrence.

Review: My wife came across this film on Netflix yesterday afternoon. Normally, it's the type of movie she would enjoy and I would avoid watching. But, since we couldn't decide on anything else and I had to make dinner anyway, I told her to just put it on. Overall, it turned out to be better than I was expecting.

I'll start out by saying this movie is misclassified as a romance film. Yes, there was, predictably, some sparks between Libby (Bibb) and James (Duhamel). However, the majority of the film centered more on Libby's efforts to get over the guilt of her husband's death while coming to grips with starting over from scratch. The movie also focused a lot more time on her relationship with her aunt (Dunn) and mother (Lawrence) than her budding relationship with James.

As a result of this, the movie wound up being a whole lot less predictable than films in this genre tend to be. There's even a fairly decent surprise twist regarding Libby's past.

Ironically, my one negative about this film is the Libby/James romance subplot. To be honest, it kind of seemed a bit forced, especially since it was obvious neither of them was over their respective previous spouse. And, that's before we even examine any of the other complicating factors, such as him being an employee and her having kids who probably wouldn't be OK with their mom dating so soon after their dad died. When taken into context with the rest of the film, it just didn't seem to fit.

Final Opinion: The movie is wrongly classified as a romantic film and, as I mentioned, might have been just as good/better without the romantic subplot. Overall, however, I did find I enjoyed watching it with my wife even though it wouldn't be the first genre I would normally pick.

My Grade: B


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