I Made a Velveeta Nacho Supreme Skillet Dinner Last Night

This isn't my first time trying this product and, to be honest, the first time I did try it, I wasn't overly impressed with it. However, I happened to find it on sale when doing some grocery shopping last weekend and, since my wife was at kickboxing last night, I figured it would be a simple meal choice.

My stance on the actual product itself really hasn't changed much. It's not bad. But, it's nothing special. However, I did manage to remedy that with the help of my garden.

I decided to chop up and add one of the "Beaver Dam Special" Hungarian peppers I have growing in the box garden behind my house. That, along with the crushed tortilla chips I also added, did give this a little extra something. It wasn't too spicy but, at the same time, there was still a little kick to it that just wouldn't be there normally (even with the salsa they have you add).

In fact, I have another one of these (only in Philly Cheesesteak flavor) that I might try to experiment with at a later date. After all, just because it is a boxed dinner doesn't mean it has to be bland.


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