Movie Review: The Wrong Missy (2020)

Synopsis: Three months after a blind date ended in disaster (and a dislocated ankle) Tim Morris is in a bit of a romantic slump and faces attending a Hawaiian company retreat without a significant other, something that could cost him a shot at a promotion. He thinks his luck is changing when he accidentally switches luggage with a former beauty pageant winner at the airport and they immediately hit it off. But, when he texts her an invite to join him in Hawaii, he accidentally sends the invitation to his insane former blind date instead.

Review: When my wife and I wound up watching this Netflix original this past weekend, it was not without some skepticism on my part. The preview made the movie look like something we would want to watch. But, previews tend to be a bit misleading, especially when it comes to comedies, so I had my doubts. However, it turned out to be a funny film.

I've always thought David Spade is at his best in a role that allows him to be more of a straight man (similar to his roles in films he starred in with Chris Farley). This movie allowed him to do that and I think it paid off.

This was my first time really seeing Lauren Lapkus outside Orange is the New Black and I have to say I enjoyed every moment. Not only was she pulling off some very physical comedy in her role as the "wrong" Missy (which kind of reminded me a bit of Farley) she looked like she was having a blast doing it. The latter can make a big difference in a movie like this.

One of my big complaints about this film is some of the sex scenes made me a little uncomfortable. Basically, they consisted of Tim (Spade) getting knocked out by a tranquilizer only to wake up to Missy performing some sort of sex act on him. Had it been the other way around, I'm not sure it would have even been in the movie so I'm going to take the stance and say it's not the 1980s any more and sex with an unconscious person (male or female) in a comedy movie just isn't acceptable.

I also honestly wasn't a big fan of his new boss (Pierson), only because there really wasn't much to him. I think the movie was trying to portray him as a bad fit for Tim but I really never got that vibe. If anything, he was just kind of a generic eccentric rich guy who never really dominated his scenes the way a scary boss should. I would have loved to see this movie have more of an antagonist in it.

Final Opinion: Some of the scenes in the film are a little dated for a movie made in 2020 and there was definitely some room for improvement. But, overall, I did find I enjoyed watching this comedy and would recommend it.

My Grade: B


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