Movie Review: Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Synopsis: Three years after finally tracking down and killing his sister, Michael Myers is secretly living in his old house in Haddonfield. When a reality TV series decides to film in his house, he wastes little time hunting down the inhabitants.

Review: I was under the impression my wife and I had seen this film before. However, when we wound up picking it out on VUDU last night, I realized that was not the case. We might have seen bits and pieces of it before but neither one of us remembered actually seeing the entire film. And, as it turns out, I didn't hate this.

OK, to start out, let me say this movie does have a lot wrong with it. For example, the film never properly explains how Michael (Loree) could live in his house for three years and nobody noticed. Did he really go that long without killing anyone (and why?). And, what the heck was that part about having fresh seasonings in the kitchen? Is that supposed to imply he was able to go to the grocery store without anyone noticing and, in addition to being a serial killer, he is an excellent chef?

I also wasn't a huge fan of him killing off Laurie right off the bat in the movie, mostly because I hate it when an actor/actress gets top billing (like Jamie Lee Curtis did) only to have five minutes of screen time. It always makes it seem like the movie is trying to mislead me.

That being said, there was a certain charm to this film as well. At minimum, I did find I enjoyed it more than some of the other sequels in this franchise.

I think the thing I liked best was Busta Rhymes as Freddie Harris. It was actually kind of fun to watch someone actually stand up to Michael with quite a bit of success. Sure, he was ultimately outmatched. But, the way Freddy seemed to avoid death as much as the main antagonist did add a little something extra to this movie and, at minimum, made it a little less predictable.

Having the killings take place during a live television broadcast was also a nice touch. This allowed for some unique camera angles and even some funny moments, such as a scene that had a bunch of people yelling at the screen like my wife and I usually do when we watch films like this. Of course, to be fair, the audience in this movie did give the victim some poor advice. My yelled suggestion ("stay on the roof idiot") made a lot more sense.

Final Opinion: It wound up being a pleasant Tuesday-night surprise for us last night. Again, it wasn't necessarily a great film. But, it proved to be a lot more entertaining than I was expecting and I would recommend it because of that.

My Grade: B


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