Movie Review: Here Comes Hell (2019)

Synopsis: A 1930s dinner party at a run-down estate in England turns terrifying when a seance releases the evil spirit of a former inhabitant.

Who's in it? The movie stars Tom Bailey, Margaret Clunie, Robert Llewellyn, Timothy Renouff and Jessica Webber.

Review: My wife was doing her (virtual) kickboxing class and I was still waiting on dinner in the oven so, to kill time, I looked for a movie to watch with her. After some consideration, I picked this film on VUDU, mostly because it sounded somewhat unique. I wasn't really sure if we would enjoy it or not, but it wound up being halfway decent.

The decision to film the movie in black and white and pretend it was a classic horror film was a bit risky. But, I have to say it actually worked really well. Everything from how the movie was filmed to the eerie string music playing in the background gave it that classic vibe and, if someone didn't know when the movie was actually made, it probably could have fooled some people. Even the "host" in the beginning of the film (Jasper Britton), who was warning people they might get too scared, reminded me a lot of some films I've seen.

One thing that definitely surprised me about this movie was how intense some of the scenes ended up being, especially the ones that had the demons. I loved how they were pretty much unstoppable and kept coming regardless of what the people inside the house tried to do. It was actually kind of refreshing considering way too many horror movie monsters are a little too easy to stop lately.

I think my biggest complaint is the main protagonist, Elizabeth (Webber) really could have used a little more depth. Or, actually, I kind of wish she would have had some sort of secret backstory that would have been revealed.

For example, the movie made a big deal out of the fact she was the only one in the house who didn't drink alcohol and, as I pointed out to my wife, that could have been a great way to set something up, such as her secretly being a vampire or some other supernatural creature. Instead, the movie went through all that trouble to set up a short and kind of corny joke. Considering she turns out to be kind of a bad ass, it was disappointing the writers didn't try to do more for her.

Final Opinion: It's a unique film, and I would recommend it based solely on that. But, while I didn't hate the movie, I do feel the writers could have taken it a step or two further.

My Grade: B-


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