Movie Review: The Carrier (2015)

Synopsis: As an antibiotic-resistant disease rapidly infects the world's population, a small group of unaffected Londoners board a 747 in the hopes of finding refuge in Greenland only to find infected passengers have also boarded.

Who's in it? The movie stars Rebecca Johnson, Joe Dixon, Karen Bryson, Edmund Kingsley and Jack Gordon.

Review: I convinced my wife to watch a movie with me last night and, since global pandemics are all the rage right now, I decided to give this film a try. Unfortunately, while the premise seemed like it would be good, the overall execution of the movie made it somewhat of a disappointment.

After some reflection, I think the main problem with this film is it never takes full advantage of what is actually a pretty awesome bacterial infection.

It's actually a pretty cool disease, as far as horror movies go, because all you need to do to catch it is touch someone who already has it. And, once you do, it spreads rapidly. Yet, despite the potential of such a disease in a relatively confined space like an airplane, it ultimately never ends up being much more than a secondary story.

The movie, instead, focuses way too much on the interaction between the unaffected passengers. This is still something that could have worked. But, since none of the characters were particularly interesting or unpredictable, it just wound up being kind of bland.

Another thing hurting this movie, in my opinion, is the lack of overall information. While I normally support the "less is more" philosophy in the horror/thriller genre, this movie definitely could have used much more background information. For example, why were there only a select few passengers on a very large airplane? Did they steal the plane or was this a planned evacuation? How do they know each other? And, most importantly, why didn't anyone bother to check for the infection until the plane was already in the air?

Final Opinion: I liked the idea but, unfortunately, the execution ruined what could have been a suspenseful movie, especially since the best part about the film has almost no real impact on the actual plot.

My Grade: D


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