Movie Review: Bonejangles (2017)

Synopsis: While transporting a legendary supernatural serial killer known by the nickname Bonejangles, the group of police officers assigned to guard him break down in a town suffering from a zombie curse cast by a powerful witch. When Bonejangles escapes, his caretakers hatch a plan to use him to fight the witch and break the curse once and for all.

Who's in it? The movie stars Elissa Dowling, Reggie Bannister, Julia Cavanaugh, Christopher Hunt and Hannah Richter.

Review: I came across this movie on VUDU yesterday afternoon and, since we had an evening free, decided to watch it with my wife.

When I picked this film out, my expectations were somewhat lowered, mostly because it advertised itself as a horror/comedy and those very rarely work out. But, truth be told, I wound up enjoying this movie more than I expected.

The film, quite honestly, was made at the wrong time. Everything about this movie screams 1980s horror flick, from the gratuitous nudity to the extra-gay homosexual police officer (Lawrence Wayne Curry). In fact, had I come across this movie on late-night TV and had no other information, I would never have believed it was made just three years ago.

Also, like many others I've come across lately, this film had a bit of a sequel feel to it, as though there was some other movie that set up Bonejangles' (Keith Melcher) as the legend he was supposed to be in this film. In fact, I wound up checking to see if I missed a movie and, as far as I can tell, that wasn't the case.

Despite the long list of things I could find wrong about this movie, it actually wound up being kind of refreshing in a way too. The comedy didn't always work. But, there were just enough funny scenes to keep the film interesting. My wife, especially, got a kick out of the way the movie spoofs the horror movie cliche of a character replacing a severed body part with a weapon and I loved the way a shower scene in the movie turned out.

I think the thing that really helped this movie were the memorable characters. Sometimes, you just have to have fun with a movie and I felt as though that is exactly what the writers were going for with the over-the-top performances. It probably wouldn't have worked in an actual, serious, horror film but, in this particular case, it fit the movie's overall mood and made it more enjoyable.

Final Opinion: It's not going to make the list of my favorite films. But, if you watch it as a comedy rather than a horror film and pretend it was made 30-35 years ago, it's a fun watch on a rainy day. At minimum, it exceeded my expectations.

My Grade: C+


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