A Special COVID-19 Offer

I know everyone is handling this pandemic differently and plenty of you are probably starting to get cabin fever. So, as my way of trying to help people through this. Some of my books will be available, free of charge, on Amazon Kindle through Saturday.

The free books and their Amazon links are below:

A Messy House is a Home
Angels Don't Always Have Wings (currently ranked #38 in religious and spiritual poetry)
The Smallest Voice in the Congregation (currently ranked #39 in religious and spiritual poetry)
Murder by Chili (a 90-minute mystery)
Does God Cry?
The Lonely Shallow Grave (a book of short stories)
The Icky, Sticky Mess on the Floor (illustrated by my oldest daughter and currently ranked #92 in children's beginner reader books)
A Picture for My Mommy (illustrated by my youngest daughter)


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