Social Distancing Restrictions - What I Miss Most

Overall, I think I'm holding up well, despite all the social distancing restrictions that are in place. After all, I still can "escape" to my office (I'm the only one in it) and it's not as though we go to the bars or even out to eat on a weekly basis. But, I will admit, there are some things I do find I miss.

Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Casual Grocery Shopping - It's probably a little weird, but I love grocery shopping. I enjoy finding deals on meat, etc. and some of my most creative dinner ideas came while casually walking up and down the aisles. In fact, before Covid-19, it wasn't uncommon for me to make almost daily trips to the store before heading into the office. Now, my shopping trips are kept to a minimum, both in frequency and duration. I get what I need and leave.

The Library - Our local library was one of the first things to close down because of the virus and I definitely miss it. I love to read and not having a wide range of books at my fingertips is an adjustment. Yes, I can still get digital books on my Kindle device, including quite a few free ones. But, it's honestly not the same. I would much rather have an old-fashioned book, made out of paper, in my hands rather than one that has to be charged every few hours.

Feeling Like I'm NOT in a Zombie Movie - Truth be told, I'm not much of a people person to begin with and usually avoid crowds even when there isn't a deadly virus going around. But, now I can't even walk into a convenience store without feeling like anyone within a 20-foot radius of me is out to get me sick. In fact, it's actually probably 100 times worse than being in a zombie movie. At least in a zombie movie, you can usually tell who is infected (and stab them in the head).

Not Having So Much Free Time - Yeah, I admit, this sounds kind of strange. But, I'm used to having a routine (work, taking my daughter to the ice rink, etc.) and that's been disrupted. Granted, I now have a lot more time to do everything I need to get done. But, that honestly makes it a little more difficult because, instead of having to prioritize things based on the time available, I find myself a little overwhelmed because I don't know where to start. It's a whole new level of time management that I'm simply not wired for.


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