Remember When You Could Just Play a Video Game?

My wife got the game Death Stranding as a Christmas present from her mom and finally had an opportunity to try it yesterday evening while my oldest daughter and I were at the ice rink.

She was still "playing" the game when I got home and, after watching her, I had to ask "what happened to games you could just sit down and play?"

When I got home, she was on part of the game that had a movie playing. I took off my coat, used the bathroom, changed my clothes and found a light late-night dinner before sitting down on the couch with her and that movie was still playing. In fact, it played for a good 15 minutes after I sat down before she was finally able to pick up the controller and do something.

I get having a short movie to advance the plot. But, this was practically a full-length film (complete with voice credits). Quite frankly, I would have turned the game off long before I reached the end of it.

Ironically, had this been an actual movie, I probably would have had it on top my Netflix list.


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