Movie Review: My Daughter's Psycho Friend (2020)

Synopsis: When Sierra moves from Colorado to Los Angeles, she quickly makes friends with her next door neighbor, Kaitlyn, and her BFF, Lexi. However, she quickly learns Lexi has a malicious side to her and, when one of Lexi's pranks results in the death of a classmate, finds herself in danger of being framed for murder.

Who's in it? The movie stars Taylor Blackwell, Avery Kristen Pohl, Lauryn Speights, Skyler Seymour and Caia Coley.

Review: I came across this movie while flipping channels a couple days ago and, thinking it sounded somewhat interesting, decided to record it. Since my wife and I couldn't find anything on TV tonight, we decided to watch it and, well, let's just say we kind of wished there was something else on TV.

The premise itself wasn't too terrible, though I also wouldn't describe it as being overly unique either. It's just the execution was pretty bad, even for a made-for-TV film.

First, my wife described it best when she said the movie was a bit like watching a high school play. There were way too many times throughout the film where it seemed like the cast members were just reciting lines and not necessarily making them believable. Even when there was emotion, it felt forced. As I told my wife, it made me think of robots trying to emulate human characteristics. The basics were there, but it seemed artificial.

The movie was also very predictable. We easily guessed Lexi (Pohl) would plant drugs in Sierra's (Blackwell) locker to frame her. And, later, we saw the attempt on Sierra's life from a mile away. Heck, at one point, I got up to get something out of the kitchen and, when I got back, I felt as though I didn't miss anything because the movie unfolded the way I figured it would.

I also have to say her parents (Bradley Snedeker and Cerina Vincent) were actually making me a bit angry. For one, they completely threw her under the bus when she was accused of having drugs in her locker (then later claimed they believed her). Then, when they discover her car in a lake, they make zero attempt to see if she's inside. They just stand there like a couple dumbasses calling her name. What if she didn't answer them? Were they just going to leave? I can honestly say they were some of the worst parents I've ever seen in a film and the sad part about that is I don't think it was intentional.

Final Opinion: I just spent the past few minutes trying to think of something nice to say about this film. But, it honestly was pretty darn bad and I just can't recommend it. Unless, of course, you're just looking for a film to provide background noise while you do a crossword puzzle or something.

My Grade: D


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