Movie Review: Curse of the Nun (2019)

Synopsis: After overcoming an abusive relationship and a drug problem, Anna is thrilled to be starting over in her own home with her daughter and new man. There's just one problem, the spirit of a deceased nun is determined to get Anna to take her place in purgatory and won't let her leave the house.

Who's in it? The movie stars Lacy Hartselle, Rae Hunt, Cale Adcock, Brad Belemjian and Jonathan Everett.

Review: My wife mistook this movie for another film when we were scrolling through horror flicks on VUDU and, at her recommendation, I wound up selecting it. Obviously, it wound up not being the movie we were expecting. But, I did think the film was surprisingly good.

I don't know if I would describe the movie as being particularly scary. In fact, there were times in the film when I wondered if maybe the writers wanted it to be more of a comedy. But, the movie did wind up having some good things going for it.

For one, I found I liked the mystery surrounding the house and why Anna (Hartselle) wasn't allowed to leave. Even when this, along with the presence of Sister Catherine (Hunt) were explained, the movie still managed to stay interesting because it was unclear how, or if, Anna would be able to escape. In fact, when the movie pulls a surprise twist about midway through (I'll avoid giving the spoiler), I even began to wonder if maybe Anna was already dead.

At first, I wasn't a big fan of her surprise companion, KK (Belemjian), mostly because I thought his presence and vast knowledge about Sister Catherine were a bit too convenient. However, as the movie progressed and more was revealed about his character, I found I liked how he essentially became a wildcard that keep the ending even less predictable.

My only real complaint about the movie is I wasn't a big fan of the ending. This is both because I'm not completely sure what exactly happened to Sister Catherine and because I thought it would have been considerably better with a last-second surprise twist. Just to clarify, the ending wasn't necessarily terrible. I just feel it could have been kicked up a notch.

Final Opinion: This wasn't the movie we were looking for. But, I thought it was entertaining enough to be worth watching and would recommend it.

My Grade: B


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