Happy First Monday After Daylight Savings Time

This, to me, is a scarier day than Friday the 13th (which also happens to fall this week) because I'm sure there will be plenty of people oversleeping and rushing to get to work on time.

Heck, my own inner clock is still re-setting itself a bit. I rely on it heavily during the week to get me out of bed in time to use the bathroom and get dressed before the rest of the family (I have an alarm, but I always set that for the absolute latest time because I don't like waking my wife up unless I have to). It almost failed me this morning, but I managed to wake up only about 2 minutes later than normal so I'm on schedule now.

This is the first day I'm starting to feel a bit like myself. My youngest daughter caught some sort of stomach bug on Wednesday and I stayed home with her. I thought I avoided catching it myself, but I was wrong. And, wow, did that wipe me out.

I won't go into the gross details, but, according to my bathroom scale, I lost about 5 pounds in roughly two days. I was mostly over it yesterday, but felt as though someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. Today, I'm still a bit stiff in the neck and shoulders but functional enough to return to the office. I have admit though, it really makes me wonder if maybe teachers should receive hazard pay.


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