Don't Be an A** (a Covid-19 Inspired Poem)

To those of you buying out all the toilet paper, baby formula and other stuff.
The world doesn't just center around you.
There are plenty of other people around
Who have needs too.
I know things aren't great
But that's not an excuse to offend.
We'll get through this small crisis.
You don't need to act like the world is about to end.
The rules are simple, keep your distance, cover your coughs and wash your hands.
Plus wipe down any surfaces, whether they are metal, marble or glass.
And, most importantly,
Don't be an a**
Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann - Pixabay

Think of this as a test.
One that is standardized for all of society.
An opportunity to show
That being human really can be a thing of beauty.
The best part about it is there is no need to study.
The answers are spelled out for you so it should be easy to pass.
In fact, there's really only one answer.
Don't be an a**


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